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Eyewear Case Box221

Eyewear Case Box221

🔘 ≤ 1000$1.0 | ≤ 5000$0.95 | ≤ 10000$0.9 🔘

Five Steps to Get A Dynamic Quotation Sheets


1. Free Printing Your LOGO & Download Material Options


2. Get our Quotation Form Template 


3. Open the Quotation Form that you want to make a copy

⏏️ In the menu,

⏏️ click File.

⏏️ Make a copy.

⏏️ Type a name and choose where to save it...Click OK

⏏️ log in to your Google Drive and open your form


4. Fill in the PDF Model Code & Quantity into the quote form sheets.

⚙️ Click Share file and add our email. If you are not sure how to do it. Please Click Learning.


5. Once we receive your shared quotes sheets. We will confirm whether the spot inventory meets your order requirements and put PRICE on your quote sheets. Please make sure your shared form allows the editor, so we can have a Dynamic Quotation Form use next time.


ODM Quantity ➤Get Price ➤Purchase Order ➤Check Out ➤Shipping To You


                   🔘  ONE PDF  🔘  ONE QUOTATION  🔘  ONE PRICE

☑️ One PDF is one series of products including various item styles and colors. You must order a minimum of 500 pieces combined with different styles and colors from the one PDF.

☑️ For each color, a minimum order of 100 pieces is required. For instance, if you order four colors, with each color having a minimum order of 5 pieces, the total quantity for that item would be 4 colors x 100 pieces = 400 pieces on the same model

☑️ Enter the model code of the items you would like to select, either with a single or multiple colors. For example, you can enter C3 / C7 / C11 / C56, etc., so we knew you picked FOUR colors for the same model. 

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